Michael Ashley

artist statement  

I’m fascinated by that ambiguous space between representation and the thing itself. We are such visual animals and so bombarded by images that understanding how we relate to them is crucial to being sane human beings. One significant issue is the tendency to mistake the representation for reality, the picture of the tree for the tree, to replace the ‘thing’ with the ‘meta-thing’. I believe this tendency pushes us away from the direct perception and experience of the world around us, alienating us from each other and from our environment. This alienation is the root cause of many of the ills we currently face. The work I present here provides the viewer an opportunity to slow down and reconsider some familiar subject matter.

This body of work is extremely eclectic. My preference is to work in as many dimensions as possible and to create things that can be experienced by as many senses as possible. Though I enjoy working with interactive multi-media and sculpture, much of what I do uses the photographic image as a tool to consider issues of representation, perception and identity.

As a recent graduate of the BFA program at the University of Ottawa, I appreciate the opportunity to explore the traditions, conventions and concepts underlying contemporary artistic practices. I also appreciate the opportunity to express these things in my own way.

Vibrator Souvenir 1 - Slope   Souvenir 2 - Arboretum Memorials
East LS Gallery 115 Gallery La Petite Mort   Rm 205  

Trees Project

Origin of the World
Burr Oak
Twin Willows
Broken Maple
Wrapped Saplings


Twigs - Stage 01
Twigs - Stage 02
Twigs - Stage 03
The Whole


The Whole

Our Lady of Cheddar

Our Lady of Cheddar