Dualities - 2013

An audio-visual installation that deals with vibration; its expression as sound; the manifestation of sound as language; and the translation of language from an aural to a visual experience.


Two video and eight audio channels controlled by custom software (PureData). The set-up requires two video projectors, two projection surfaces facing each other, two banks of speakers (eight in each bank), two networked computers running PureData and an eight channel audio interface.

Artist's Statement

“Dualities" presents various oppositions within the context of human language. The first is the contrast between the spoken and written alphabet, the aural and visual experience of language. Next are distinctions between female and male voices and between various languages: French, English, Arabic and Hebrew. Dualities is composed of eight audio and two video tracks controlled by customized software that runs the ten minute cycle in an endless loop.

Thanks to all the voice talent who participated in Dualities: Basil, Chantal, Julie, Laizer, Philippe, Rehab and Sophie.